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Upcoming Events for 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence


HOUSE OF SHARING NEWS: Upcoming Events for 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence

House of Sharing is hosting a number of events in December to draw attention to the issue of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery as part of the international 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence campaign. Please come out and support the Halmoni in their call for justice!

Events Calendar

Sunday, December 7th: Screening of documentary "63 Years On", with guest speaker(s)

Location: Jogyesa Temple theatre

Time: 4:00 pm (Guest speaker(s) followed by documentary screening)

Details: Free Screening of "63 Years On", a gripping documentary about five international survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery. Seats will be first come, first served. Film is in multiple languages with both Korean and English subtitles. See www.houseofsharing.org for additional information on the documentary.

How to get there: Jogyesa Temple is located in Jongno, on the street behind Insa-dong. You can walk there in a short time from Jonggak Station, or it's also accessible from Anguk Station. The theatre is in the new museum building behind the main temple structure.

Wednesday, December 10th: Weekly Wednesday Protest on International Human Rights Day

Location: Outside Japanese Embassy in Jongno

Time: 12 pm -4 pm (Main event with Halmoni at Noon, extended protest throughout pm)

Details: Join the Halmoni in their weekly Wednesday protest outside the Japanese Embassy this International Human Rights Day, which is also the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). We hope to gather a large group of both Korean and foreign participants at this particular day-long protest to show the Japanese government on Human Rights Day that the international community has not forgotten about the survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery and that we will continue to stand by them until justice is served. The protest will include musical performances and speakers, so come out and show the Halmoni how loved they are! (If you are interested in offering a song or some kind of performance, please email us at sharinghouse@gmail.com)

How to get there: The Japanese Embassy is located in Jongno, near Insa-dong. From Anguk Station, take Exit 6, go straight and turn left after you see the Somerset Palace. The protest will continue all day, though the peak of the protest will be at noon when the Halmoni are present.

Sharing House Volunteers


Jyoung-Ah Kim (82)16-9444-5683 or 016-9444-5683

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