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Korean Cultural Programme Opportunity‏


i've got an email about three day trip to southern part of Korea. Please read the message below.

※ for more detail, please contact Ms. Linda, pbjseoul@gmail.com

※ participation fee is free.(wow)



Not official PB&J business, but I wanted to let you know about an upcoming cultural program that you (or someone you know) might be interested in. It will be a three day trip to Buyeo (Jolla-do) and Jeonju to visit various cultural sites and experience Korean culture first hand. The trip will last three days from December 5-7 (Friday – Sunday).

The trip is being sponsored by the Establishment Initiative for the Intangible Heritage Centre for Asia-Pacific. EIIHCAP is an office affiliated to UNESCO whose primary focus is promoting cultural heritage throughout Asia.

The program is targeting students (undergrad or grad) with an interest or background in Korean cultural studies (i.e. Korean literature, music, etc). However, there are still many spaces available so even if you think you wouldn't qualify, go ahead and apply.

If you're interested, please submit the application (you don't have to include the essay with the application) as soon as possible (by Monday). The essay portion may be submitted within the next week, and the recommendation portion requires only a name and contact information, so there's no need to provide a recommendation letter.

Lastly, please feel free to forward this to any friends or lists you think might be interested.

Thank you.

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